At DDC, every chimney technician is fully trained and consistently evolving. Their dedication to ensuring the satisfaction of each customer is their priority. Years of job experience along with ongoing classroom training give DDC’s craftsmen the upper hand in chimney services. Each customer can take comfort in the fact that DDC will get the job done right and have your chimney performing safely.

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Chimney Repairs

Repairing one brick at a time

We pour the same amount of energy into taking care of your chimney as we do with any of our other services. Each craftsman is qualified with continuing education and gaining up to date information on improved technologies. Contact us today about getting an estimate, we’ll send one of our estimators to asses your chimney service needs and will be happy to assist you in your repairs.

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Final Outcome

We find the solutions and determine the root of the problem. Restoring your chimney from the ground up. We do not cover up the problem, we completely eliminate it. Give us a call and one of our experts will help find the best solution for your chimney problem.

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"DDC Masonry Works is the best masonry and hardscapes company in the industry. Their artisan craftsmanship, attention to detail and impeccable service truly distinguishes them. I highly recommend them and will spread the word to my friends and family. "
Oliver Iguardia, Chicago, IL

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We are more than happy to answer all your masonry work, concrete repair or chimney repair questions and help determine the right service for you.

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