Our three principles

The growth and success of DDC can be attributed to the rich traditions carried on by 3 generations of Deutscher men who were focused on these vital principles:

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Laying the foundation

Howard Deutscher discovered his passion for artistic masonry and developed and perfected his craft, using it to serve the public. He founded Howard E. Deutscher, Inc. along with his 3 brothers and they delivered quality craftsmanship and established community repoire before passing on the knowledge and skill to their sons.


Howard’s son, Dennis, would go on to establish Dennis Deustcher Construction in 1979. He carried on the traditions and values held by his family. Dennis specialized in landscapes and natural stonework, creating an unmatched flexibility of service for his customers. Later, like his father before him, Dennis became a mentor and an inspiration to countless stone masons and his sons, Scott and Chris.


Today, Scott and Chris work tirelessly to maintain the traditions and values of their dad and grandfather by continuing to provide quality craftsmanship and only the best in customer service. Looking to the future, Scott and Chris continue making constant improvements to stay on the cutting edge, while priding themselves on creativity and quality of their work, with a focus on maintaining the Deutscher reputation; being the best at what they do. to countless stone masons and his sons, Scott and Chris. "

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